George Mays


George specializes in story based brand building and content distribution strategies. Through shooting action sports and music he has had the opportunity to explore all his passions while capturing new and broader audiences for his clients. An acclaimed storytelling director, as well as a specialist in brand strategy, market dynamics, and creative event integration, Mays’ work as a director for Red Bull has been shared by millions. 

During his career, George has focused on the art of digital story telling techniques. Presently he travels all over the country and the world, shooting with his own particular style commercials, short form series and documentaries for broadcast television, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. 

George and his team also create custom content based on data analysis alowing clients to grow their audience and engage them longer.  His passion, however, remains telling the story and keeping the audience in their seats, engaged and asking themselves, “How will this turn out?”

 George also writes music, plays guitar and surfs whenever possible.  He lives in Los Angeles where he is a great dad for his two daughters.