Reuben Wu

Scenic · Industrial · Artistic · Abstractions · Music-driven · Time-lapse 

Reuben Wu is a photographer, music producer, composer and film director. He founded the electronic group Ladytron in 1999 with friends and subsequently co-wrote and co-produced five albums. His entry in photography was encouraged by an extensive international touring schedule where he was able to document the myriad of destinations where the band took him. As a photographer, he pushes the envelope by making real his imagined visions, often using new technology combined with a natural eye for lighting and composition. 

As a director, and coming from a background in design and music, he allies his musicians ear with his photographers eye to create striking motion pictures which engage and speak to a new level of audiovisual experience. Reuben is driven not just by the urge to create imagery, but by a desire to explore new places as if they were unknown territory, constantly open to serendipity and with an eye for the unnoticed and the hidden.

Reuben produces music and visual content for both personal work and commercial clients. He has been published by National Geographic, Wired, Petapixel and Harpers Bazaar.